Sky-Earth Sensor Co., Ltd . is situated in a historic city - NingBo of ZheJiang Province by the beautiful east sea. .The land area of our factory is more than 10000 square meters and the building area is over 40000 square meters.. Our company specializes in manufacturing and developing different kinds of industrial autocontrol sensors: inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, photoelectric sensors and other controllers. .All the products are mainly sold to European and American markets.

Sky-earth sensor Co., LTD.
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Now, our company has thousands of different kinds of specification products which are developed and produced strictly according to the international norms and all the products could be labelled with CE mark. Our products can be directly used for replacements of European or American similar products at any countries and regions.

Our tenet :
.......Customer is God all the time.
.......Quality is life forever.
.......To propel the development of industrial automation is our duty perpetually.

DC ULTRA-MINI Inductive Proximity Switch DC & AC & AC/DC Metal Face Inductive Proximity Switch DC & AC & AC/DC Inductive Sensors Weld Field Immune
Extended & Long Sensing Distance Inductive Proximity Switch

DC & AC & AC/DC Capacitve Proximity Switch

MIN Q Series Micro-Proximity Switch MINI Q Series Micro-Proximity Switch
MAMUR Inductive Proximity Switch ANALOG Inductive Proximity SwitchANALOG Inductive Proximity Switch Cables And Connectors
FR Series Photoelectric Sensor FU31 Series Photoelectric Sensor
FS50 Series Photoelectric Sensor FB80 Series Photoelectric Sensor
SL1 Series Photoelectric Area Sensor SL2 Series Photoelectric Area Sensor
FQ Series Photoelectric Fiber Sensor IQ Series Proximity Sensor
PC Series Pressure Controller SP Series Power Supplies

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